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Really good product

I was impressed when the third day of using the serum and cream it made the difference. My skin was nourished and little wrinkles was almost gone. I thought there is no cosmetic for my skin condition, but for first time I didn't have side effects on my face. I'm so happy I finally have what I need.

Dr. Kesimy & Facee
Isali Palmer
It’s a good product.

I haven’t finished it all my first bottle yet, but I have noticed a small improvements on some of the dark spots. Will continue until the end. Seller was prompted with the shipping.

Incredible product

This product is really incredible. After just 4 days I noticed big difference in my usually so dry skin. I never had that good product on my side before. I'm really happy I found it. Thank you

Removal of brown spots

I brought this expensive brown spots removal praying it would do that it's been 42 days it changed anything. How long should I expect change I took before pics and update pics no change.

I’ve been using Kesimy for about two weeks, my skin got smoother, but haven’t seen the result of removing dark spots tho.
I’ll continue using it and will see.

I think this product is good for winter cuz my hair is always dry and this all-in-one product moisturizes my skin all night long.

I feel so much better and I have had a major confidence boost!

I have been receiving compliments on how great my skin looks, there was a noticeable difference within a week of using the product.

I can actually see the improvement on my skin!

Not only the dark spots are removed in just a month but also my skin is so brighter and smooth!

Finally found the product that is actually effective!

Since using Dr. Kesimy, my skin has never been better!
I’ve finally managed to get control of my skin and actually have no dark spots anymore.
This was the best decision I had made and is the happiest I’ve ever been with my skin.

My skin looks fresh and radiant! Couldn’t be better!

It’s really worth trying this. Felt a big improvement on my skin in just a few months.

I’m in love with my skincare product!

I have struggled with the hyperpigmentation but this is my lifesaver!!
I am never going back to store bought stuff.

Dr. Kesimy provides results-driven and rejuvenates my skin with one easy step!

I've been dealing with hyperpigmentation with dark spots, and melasma for years. I’ve used the product a month and no longer worry about the pigmentation. So happy!

I am obsessed with my nighttime skincare routine!

Over the past few years, I had tried everything possible to improve my skin and nothing worked. Dr.Ksimy has been the best subscription I have gotten for my skin.

Dr. Kesimy solved my severe issue right away!

I couldn’t believe my skin got smoother and brighter in just a month using the product!

It’s definitely worth it!

The texture is not sticky at all! I love it cuz just one night skincare routine improves my skin so much!

My friend told me I look way younger with my smooth and brighter skin!

Thanks to Dr. Kesimy!! I’m obsessed with how easy and effective it is!!