All About Dark Spots

Your skin works hard for you. It’s the largest organ in the body that protects you from all sorts of diseases, pollution, and UV rays. All that effort means ending up with some battle scars. Here at KF Pharm, we have developed Dr.Kesimy to help revitalize dark spots and bring your skin back to its natural glowing state. You don’t have to fight aging alone. Take a look below at how our naturally powerful skincare can eliminate your dark spots.

What are dark spots?

Dark spots occur when areas of the skin begin to produce more melanin in a particular area. Melanin is a group of pigments that give color to the hair, skin, and eyes. Although dark spots are harmless and happen with aging skin, some people prefer to remove them or minimize their appearance. Dark spots can be found all over the body, like the face, back of hands, legs, and under eyes.

How it happens- Sun damage is the main culprit of dark spots, hence the term “sunspots.” Age spots appear when melanin becomes clumped or is produced in high concentrations. The use of tanning beds can also lead to the advancement of age spots. Other reasons for dark spots include hormonal changes, wound recovery, diabetes, and heredity.

How to get rid of dark spots- Since we live in 2021, we have access to many remedies that help us eliminate dark spots. Options like laser treatment, prescription lightening creams, and microdermabrasion are effective medical treatments, although they can be very costly. Other options include over-the-counter creams that promote new skin growth and natural remedies with soy and mulberry extracts. At Dr. Kesimy, we have an all-natural product that provides powerful results through targeted hydration.

How our product works

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How do I use my new products?

How to apply Dr. Kesimy

1. Wash your face first- Wash your face with lukewarm water and a cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type.
2. Dab it smooth- Apply small spots all over your face or affected area and gently smooth out. Start small and build up as necessary.
3. Apply it again to your dark spots and wrinkles- Use a tiny amount and go over those areas.
4. Massage your face gently- Start at the bottom of your face and gently work upwards towards your cheek area. This will stimulate blood flow and help with absorption.

How to apply FACEE

1. Wash your face first- Wash your face with lukewarm water and a cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type.
2. Apply 4-5 drops- Apply one drop to your finger and rub it onto your cheek. Repeat this step on the other cheek, forehead, nose, and chin area.
3. Tap your skin gently for 30-60 seconds- After you’ve rubbed the serum onto your skin, place your fingers on your cheek and press your skin in small, circular motions.


What skin problems are Dr. Kesimy created for?
We created our product for those who want to minimize and prevent age spots, dark spots, and dullness. Dr. Kesimy is an excellent choice for those who want effective skincare without spending a lot of time.

Do Dr. Kesimy products contain sunscreen?
Although rich in many skin fortifying ingredients, Dr. Kesimy does not contain sunscreen. Please include sunscreen in your skincare routine for maximum protection.

Can I use Dr. Kesimy and then immediately apply my foundation?
After applying Dr. Kesimy, please do not immediately apply foundation as it needs time to settle. If you apply too much cream, simply use a tissue to wipe off excess cream.

How can I get the most benefits from Dr.Kesimy?
Dr. Kesimy will get right to work providing your skin with deep and powerful hydration. To prepare your skin for the best results, take a look at these helpful tips:

- Wash your face with lukewarm water
Washing your face is necessary to remove dirt thoroughly and make your face a clean slate. However, if the water is too hot, it may remove important sebum that protects the skin. The recommended hot water temperature is up to about 37 ° C. For those concerned with dryness, lukewarm water is recommended.
- Be gentle
Be careful not to scrub too harshly when washing your face. Scrubbing puts strain on the skin and causes dryness, darkening, and wrinkles. Instead, use a gentle circular motion when using your cleanser and lightly pat your face to dry.
- Little by Little
Now that your face is nice and clean, when using Dr. Kesimy, it is better to take it little by little. When applying, use a small amount and cover the area with your hands to let it penetrate rather than smearing it.
- Stay Healthy
Everything we do affects our skin. Remember to practice healthy habits like drinking enough water, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep to get the best possible glow.

What type of skin problem is FACEE Liquid Serum Plus recommended for?
FACEE is recommended for those who suffer from dry skin and lack of elasticity, and it is also great for those who have large pores, uneven skin, and darkening.

I have certain allergies. Is that okay to use FACEE?
Please refrain from our product if you have egg allergies, as it contains components of eggshell membranes.